It’s Been a Week and a Few

It’s been a week since I walked across the stage at Flowers Hall in Florence, Alabama at the University of North Alabama and entered the real world. I graduated UNA with a degree in Entertainment Industry with a focus in technology. I also have two minors, One in Digital Media and another in History. I’ve had a hand full of people ask me how it feels to be  a graduate, and honestly  I can never tell them because honestly it hasn’t set in. There is a feeling that I never have to take another test ever if I don’t want to. I never have to turn in another paper. I never have to listen to the drunk frat guys crappy music or the “aspiring” white rapper that lived next door again. I’m looking forward to that. I’m also looking forward to finding a job. I’m currently working part time at my church as a video technician but I’m looking for something that  can be full time and begin my career.

So I guess I need to catch up anyone who reads my ramblings on what has been going on in my life rather than graduation. Well here we go.

I Got A Mac Book 

Finally! I’m so glad I got this. I love this thing. I worked for 4 1/2 long years on a Dell. The Dell was a great computer for the first 3 years but this last year and half has been torture. I worked on iMac’s all day long working with audio and video editing, and then I would come home to the Dell… Needless to say it’s dying. But, my this past Monday my dad came in and said we’re going to the Apple Store and next thing I know we’re walking out with a 15 in. Mac Book Pro with Retina Display. I also put Adobe Premiere on here to work on some videos on the side.

I’m “Writing” an Album 

Ok, I’m big into post-rock, ambient sounding, instrumental music. My friend has been asking me when I was gonna sit down and pen some music down, and I kept saying when I finally got some time. Well I have time now. I’m gonna name the project Weary Saints and it’s going to be all instrumental. I’m thinking about throwing in some MIDI stuff as well. I’m gonna be pulling some influences from Explosions in the Sky, All The Bright Lights, Radiohead, & The Jezabels. I currently have three demo/working songs right now and have a few ideas in the works.

Other than those two things nothing really major has been going on other than looking for a job. I have a couple of leads on some and hoping to hear back from one after the 1st of the year. I won’t go into much detail just yet because nothing is set in stone.

I’m hoping to get back into blogging now that I have a little more time. Props to those who can do this with their busy schedules on a daily basis. (Grace I’m talking about you) Well anyways I’m gonna end this post like I do every post. Here’s what been in my rotation of music.

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals-Cold Roses


Two Door Cinema Club-Tourist History


Chromatics-Kill for Love


The Antlers-Burst Apart


The Lumineers-The Lumineers


TV on the Radio-Return to Cookie Mountain


The Wallflowers-Glad All Over


Tom Waits-Frank’s Wild Years


The Glorious Unseen-Lovesick


The Modern Post-Grace Alone E.P.



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