Honorably Mention

So last week I typed my top 20 of favorite artist. But I failed to mention one that I felt should deserve a spot. I absolutely love this guys music and I feel that everyone should give him a listen. Your ears will thank you.


Ryan Adams. The guy is the essence of Americana music. He writes some of the best sad songs. James Duke once said, “sad Ryan is the best Ryan” and truthfully he’s right. Just listen to “Two” off Easy Tiger. The song is about a problem with sleeping pills but it’s a beautiful song with a beautiful pre-chorus. “And I’m fractured, from the fall. And I just want to go home.” He has a number of albums under his belt. My suggestion to start would be Easy Tiger or Rock N Roll. But if your looking for something a little more rocking by him check out his band The Cardinals. Not a lot of people care for him with the band but I really like them. Cardiology is an awesome album in my opinion. “Cobwebs” is a beautifully written song and “Born into the Light” is great as well.

I would seriously consider checking him out. For some reason I’ve been really into the whole singer songwriter Americana feel lately. DBT, Jason Isbell, Old Crowe Medicine Show, Justin Townes Earle, & Jakob Dylan. It’s kinda weird considering I usually listen to NYC indie scene more than most styles.

But anyways it’s Friday and I’m glad cause it’s been along week.



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