I’ve been meaning to finally blog about this album since it came out Tuesday but I haven’t had the time until now. So here it is, my review of The Gaslight Anthem’s Handwritten. First off let me warn you, I may come off geeky in this review. The Gaslight Anthem are my favorite band. I think Brian Fallon is the greatest front man in rock right now. Also he is one of the greatest songwriters of my generation. But anyways lets get this thing going.

The new album is called Handwritten. This is Gaslight’s first album on their new label Mercury. When I heard their first single ’45 I gonna be honest I didn’t care for it. I actually tried lying to myself saying that I did. But now that I look back at it I didn’t care for it. Brian had said that he was having a hard time writing material for it. But after hearing the entire thing through I love the album. My first take after listening to the album the first time is that its a lot fuller than their last three albums and e.p. It’s a nice to see them transform over the years since I started listening to them 5 years ago. The band came into my life during a time where I was searching for something new with music. I heard “We Came to Dance” and have been hooked ever since. But anyways enough of talking the about past.

Like I said this album sounds a lot fuller than their last three albums. Brian’s voice has aged as well. But in a good way. I look at him like a young Tom Waits with his growl and howl. Also, Alex Rosmilia and Alex Levine can be heard in the background as well. The guitars are perfect with Rosmilia’s solo work. Also a third guitar is added with the help of Ian Perkins (touring guitarist and lead guitarist of The Horrible Crowes).

The album is by Brendan O’Brien. He’s produced a few Pearl Jam records and Bruce Springsteen records (If you know anything about the band that’s a couple of their favorites.) (Also on a side note he’s producing The Killers Battle Born that I’m also super pumped about) In my opinion he has done a great job capturing the energy of the band. He also has added little things to the band that has been absent in previous recordings. For example, a mandolin (Here Comes My Man). 

I gave it some thought and I decided I’m not gonna give a track by track review of this album because I feel like I wouldn’t be giving it justice. Plus there is probably enough of those out there. But anyways here are my favorite tracks that I’ve grown to like off the album.


Here Comes My Man

Also check out Mullholland Drive & Mae. But in my opinion buy the the entire album because all of the songs are awesome. They also have a couple of covers at the end of the album. Nirvana’s Silver & Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers You Got Lucky. I don’t really care for Nirvana but Brian and the boys did a great job covering it. Also You Got Lucky is spot on.

Anyways buy this album you will love it. I’m glad I discovered them 5 years ago and I’m looking forward to what else they have in store for everyone.

“And still this city pumps its aching heart for one more drop of blood. We work our fingers down to dust, while we wait for kingdom come. With the radio on.” -Mae 

Have a great day and night



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