My Summer So Far…

So it’s been a little while since I’ve posted saying it’s been awhile since I posted. (haha) But anyway’s my summer has been pretty hectic so far. I started my internship over at Highland Baptist here in Florence. So far I’m loving every minute of it. I’m learning a lot, especially editing video and images. Photoshop is the greatest thing ever invented. I’ve been learning and working with Photoshop a lot these past couple of day’s getting images ready for VBS that is coming up. I worked my first Sunday this past weekend as well. I was shadowing the audio tech for the service but it was looking like the light tech wasn’t going to make it so I was moved to lights for the time being, however, he ended up showing up and I went back to shadowing.

I turned 22 Wednesday (“Bless my heart, Bless my soul. Didn’t think I’d make it to 22 years old” Sorry I thought the an Alabama Shakes lyric was appropriate there). Nothing really special, I went to breakfast with some friends and then I worked. I went to intern and then I went to church to help lead worship for the youth group. Afterwards I broke my Ray Ban’s. I cried (on the inside) Anyone who knows me knows that I don’t go anywhere without my Ray Ban’s, anywhere. So pretty much all day Thursday I would get a headache every time I was outside for a long period time. But today after work I went and purchased me some new ones. Yes there legit.

But other than turning another year older and working on my internship nothing really exciting has happened. I’ve been running trying to lose weight or at least get back into shape. I’m playing a show this coming Thursday night in Spring Park in downtown Tuscumbia with the praise band that I’m in, Selfless Praise. Also the next week me and my friend Chad are headed over to Athens, GA to see our friend Josh get hitched.

I’ve been reading in Romans for the past couple of weeks because my home church has been going through Romans. It’s awesome book of the Bible. A book showing how much we are sinners and deserve death but Jesus stepped in and took our place. Here is a great passage from Romans

What then, shall we say in response to this? If God is for us, who can be against us?     – Romans 8:31

I’m gonna try to make some time to post more than. I’ve said this before but it hasn’t gone so well. (haha) But I’m gonna leave with ya’ll with some band’s that I’ve been listening to lately.

The Jezabels-Prisoner

This is a band out of Austrilla. Their really amazing and they don’t use a bass player but the layperson would never know that unless they researched the band. The band is fronted by a woman who has an amazing voice. The guitarist is delay and reverb heavy. I think that is why I latched on to them and haven’t stopped listening to them yet. Check out the track’s Endless Summer, Try Colour, Long Highway, City Girl, & Horsehead. 

mewithoutYou-Ten Stories

This album came out a couple of weeks back and I’ve had it on repeat on the iPod between the other tunes I’ve been listening to. I really like this album it’s back to the Brother Sister/Catch for Us the Foxes album era. But there is still some All Crazy etc…. elements there. The track’s that I’m really digging so far are Febuary 1878, Grist for the Malady Mill, Cardiff Giant, and Fox’s Dream of the Log Flume. 

Passion Pit-Manners

This band took me a little while to get use to because the guy sings in falsetto the entire time. Everyone has probably heard one of their songs, probably Sleepyhead because it was used on a car commercial a couple years back. But their a cool indie pop dance electronic band. So if your big into synth’s, midi beats, and catch lyrics I would defiantly check them out. Check out The Reeling, Little Secret, To Kingdom Come, Let Your Love Grow, and of course Sleepyhead 

The Antlers-Burst Apart

I don’t know how I found out about this band. I think I might had been researching something on The National and stumbled upon them. I’m glad I did. Burst Apart is a beautiful album. It’s drenched in a lot of low’s and reverb, especially the singer. Their another band that doesn’t use a bass player. Tracks to check out are, I Don’t Want Love, French Exit, No Widows, & Every Night My Teeth are Falling Out. 

Robbie Seay Band-Miracle

Great worship band out of Texas. This band has one of the best guitarist in Christian music right now. Matthew “Frodo” Kidd. He also tours with Ben Rector when he’s not with RSB. However, this is a great worship band like I said, a little different from the Hillsong. They take a much more personal approach to worship. I would recommend picking up this album if your wanting to change up your worship band mix. But defiantly check out; Crazy Love, Awaken My Soul, Kingdom and the King, and Let Our Faith be not Alone. 

David Crowder*Band-Give Us Rest or (A Requiem Mass In C [The Happiest of All Keys])

This is the last album from the David Crowder*Band and it’s an album to go out on. A long album to go out on. But it’s what the title say’s it is a requiem. The album is really good from start to finish and defiantly is an album to end a career on. Be sure to check out the new project The Digital Age. But besides picking up this album check out these tracks; Come Find me, Let Me Feel You Shine, Oh My God, I Am A Seed, After All (Holy).

Well I hope you have a great day or night.- Jeremy


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