It’s Been A While…

So its been a while since I last posted on here. My bad I’ve just been really busy with school trying to get everything done. So to give ya’ll a little recap since my last post here is what I’ve been doing.

Recording, Recording, Recording, And More Recording.

This is what have been doing for last month and half. I had two major recording projects due by the end of the semester. For one of the projects my group that I was working with had to find an artist and produce them and record a 2 song demo to pitch the that record company class. We decided on a friend of mine who is a singer songwriter in Madison. We had the opportunity to record in Gary Baker’s studio Noiseblock. This was a pretty cool experience since Baker is known for recording the Backstreet Boys, Lonestar, and a few other famous groups. It was a cool experience and we were able record our songs. Majority of time spent was mixing the songs. We had a little trouble with the transfer of audio from jumping from one pro tools system to another but we were able to get everything done.

The next project was my capstone, my big senior project. My idea for this project was to mix classic old school soul music (1950s-early 1970s) and Post-rock. I had original picked out three songs to cover. Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On?”, Etta James’s “At Last”, and Sam Cooke’s “What a Wonderful World (It Could Be).” But I ran into a snag and had to cut “At Last.” However, the other two songs came out nicely. My favorite is “What’s Going On?” because I changed it up a little. I would show ya’ll how it came out on here but, I believe it would be copyright infringement. The only reason I was able to do this for school because it falls under fair use. 

I played a benefit show in Hatton, Alabama at a church called The Bridge. If you have

(Totally true)

never heard of Hatton let me describe the town for you. You blink you passed it. It’s that small. But anyways, its a pretty cool church, I think it use to be an old feed store. The show went very well and the tunes seemed to be well received. I have also been playing at my home church Capshaw. 

I went to a concert as well. I got to see one of my favorite artist perform at Workplay in Birmingham, John Mark McMillan. Ya’ll know I’m obsessed with James Duke and John Mark McMillan so it was a necessity that I had to go to this show. The show was great, I had never been to Workplay so that was a cool experience as well. The openers were really amazing. Go check out the bands KYE KYE and Jude Moses and pick up their stuff. KYE KYE were this electronic indie band and Jude Moses was like think The Avett Brothers but better singers. John Mark McMillan was the closer and he was amazing as usual. Killer set to.

But anyways, between recording and playing, I’ve been able to sit down and listen to some good tunes. Here is what I’ve been listening to lately: (Check them out)

The Temptations Greatest Hits

The National’s Boxer

Danger Mouse & Danielle Lupe’s Rome

Bon Iver’s Self Titled

Bruce Springsteen’s Wrecking Ball

School is about to be out here in a few day’s so I should be able to blog a little more than I have. My summer is basically going to be filled with my internship for school and working to build a savings. But anyways thanks for reading. Peace.



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