The Horrible Crowes

Let me start off by saying that I’m a huge Brian Fallon fan and Gaslight Anthem fan. HUGE!!!! I seriously cried when I saw The Gaslight Anthem perform Blue Jeans & White T-Shirts in ATL. But this is not about The Gaslight Anthem this is about his side project, The Horrible Crowes. Before I start, if your looking for a Gaslight filler between American Slang & Handwritten, this is not that album. This is something completely different.

Elsie is the name of the album and its a complete turn from Gaslight material in my opinion. This album is dark. Real dark. When Brian was interviewed about the album he said that he wanted to make nighttime music. He and Ian Perkins (Gaslight Anthem Guitar Tech and Horrible Crowes Guitarist) achieved that in full form withElsie. This is some of the deepest writing to date from Fallon in my opinion.

The album is broke into 12 tracks (13 if you get Joey via digital download.)

  1. Last Rite
  2. Sugar
  3. Behold the Hurricane
  4. I Witnessed a Crime
  5. Go Tell Everybody
  6. Cherry Blossoms
  7. Ladykiller
  8. Crush
  9. Mary Ann
  10. Black Betty and the Moon
  11. Blood Loss
  12. I Believe Jesus Brought Us Together

Last Rite

This is the first song off Elsie. This is a dark song lat only last about a minute and half. Its mainly just piano and Brian’s raspy voice.

“Call up your boyfriends from out by the ocean, While I get my last rights read by a thief.”


Sugar is a deep dark song. It’s talking about how a man has lost his love because she needs something more than him and is cheating on him. The opening lyric, “Well I guess you need a little sugar.” But what the girl doesn’t know is that the man knows her secret. “But it is, don’t lie, I’ve seen that curl up around your smile.
And it is, don’t lie, Who do you think that you’re kidding this time?” However, towards the end of the song the man tries to still keep her saying that no one knows her like he does.

Behold the Hurricane

This was the first single off Elsie. It was a rocking one. When I first heard the single I said to myself that is an Alex Rosmilla guitar sound all over that song. Further investigation I found that he actually wrote the riff for the song. Behold the Hurricane is another dark song about love loss. The only way I could explain the song is to post the music video because it fits perfectly with the song about a man who has lost his family but their memories haunt his dreams and house.

“I walk around these empty rooms
We once moved like the morning
Silhouettes they haunt this house
Like a memory haunts me now
As if it were a dream”

Witnessed a Crime

Honestly I don’t have a clue what this song is about, but its a cool song. It has an awesome organ (B3 Hammond) playing throughout the song and some really cool slide guitar. It kinda has a creepy element to it through the lyrics, but that is just in my opinion. I would really suggest checking this song out.

“I guess the moon it had it out for us
And the night and the stars the same
Everything she touched turned to stone or died eventually
Or was never seen the same again

Yeah, and this heart I had
You never sympathize
And while you held my hand
I think I witnessed a crime”

Go Tell Everybody

This is my favorite song off the album. It’s high energy through most of the song. Its another song about love loss and realizing you lost something great after its gone. However, I like how this song opens up, it’s almost like Fallon is saying he is better than whoever she dates after him.

“I’ve been known to wear a fine black suit and a murder of a tie
I’ve got miles on my shoes that your brothers can’t buy
I’ve got more than your man, more than even what he wants
I carry each and every ghost of my lovers at once”

UnlikeLast Rite and Sugarthis song is about the girl trying to get the man back however the man has nothing to do with her now. My favorite line of the song is at the very end where he sums up all of his feelings:

“I was a man of great sympathy, when I did love you, my baby
But tonight all my sympathy is gone.”

Cherry Blossoms

Blossoms took a while for me to like because it was one of the slower songs on the album if not the slowest. However, where this song lacks in energy makes up for lyrics. This is probably one of Fallon’s best written songs. (Nothing can top Blue Jeans and White T-Shirts. Well yet,Handwrittenhasn’t been released yet so that may change.)I’m just going to put the song on here so you can hear it.


This song is exactly what the title states. A man who seduce women. But this is a good song. The word play is awesome and Fallon sets the scene perfectly. He makes you feel like you are the “Ladykiller” in some sense.

“And you must’ve met a man
Tall and handsome at that
Who must’ve put a spell on you, baby
And must’ve kept on coming back
Cause I can smell him in your skin
I bet I taste him in your blood
Must be all the young boys, baby
Lady killer got the both of us”


This again the title says it all. The song is about having a crush on a girl and trying to figure out how to tell them. This is another great lyrical song as well. However, the closing lines are pretty confusing for the song. But there my favorite lines on the entire album.

“If you should go there before I do, God’s gonna trouble the waters.”

I don’t know why I enjoy that line so much, but I do.

Mary Ann

This song is the most energetic song on the album. Big guitar, drums, screaming vocal harmonies everything. He is warning this girl (Mary Ann) who doesn’t heed his warning. However, Fallon shows that he is gracious and helps her. “…you don’t have to worry like them. Mary Ann, Jesus is gonna be here soon. Put your tiny hand inside of my hand, one more time for me Mary Ann.” The recording of this song is really loose. By loose I mean, the playing is sloppy, but on purpose. The guitar solo is hot. Really hot, you can hear him clicking on the drive pedals as he playing because they have the mics turned up so loud. But the sloppy loud playing fits perfectly for this song. Defiantly one of my favorites, so much that I brought for one of my classes to hear last semester.

Black Betty and the Moon

This was the second single off the album. This was a good song, very up beat and quick stops throughout the song via drums and guitar. This song is hard to figure out as well. It has a sort of love loss vibe but he hasn’t come to terms really with the fact that she left him. However, he says that he hopes that she finds happiness in things that he could not give her even though her world could be caving in. “I hope the money fills the holes, can see the roof is caving in.”

Blood Loss

“And I’ll Tell You When It’s Over.”

That’s all I need to say for this song. It’s that good. Just listen. (You might get goosebumps just warning ya.)

I Believe Jesus Brought Us Together

This is the last song on the album and just like American Slang it ends on a slow low end note. It’s a beautiful song, almost like reading poetry. My favorite line from the song.

“Did you say your lovers were liars?
All my lovers were liars too
Did you say you were afraid of dying?
I ain’t lived a single day without you.”

This was a perfect end to a perfect album in my opinion.

This was my favorite album of 2011. I had this thing on pre-order when I found out about it. Vinyl and all.


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