Okay, so it’s 1:30 am here and I can’t sleep. So what do I do? I watch bad reruns of shows that shouldn’t have made it to TV on Netflix and look up new music. At the time in my weary stupor I think the tunes are great and the next morning I hate them. Anyways, I found this singer called Birdy tonight. There is something about this singer that sticks out with me. The fact that she covers The National & Bon Iver got me hooked instantly. She also covers Phoenix’s 1901. Wolfgang Almadaus Phoenix was on repeat on my iPod in 2009. Just to get it out there her whole album is covers of various indie bands.

So the back story on Birdy. Her real name is Jasmine van den Bogaerde and she is from Lymington, Hampshire. Oh yeah she’s 15 years old. But she has the voice of an adult. She also opened up for Bon Iver a few years ago. So her resume is looking pretty good so far.

Usually I’m not to crazy about covers unless the artist covers an artist that influences them. And the fact that she did an entire cover album for her first album will be a turn off for some people. (trust me i was skeptical too) But I would seriously check this album out. It’s suprisingly really good and its nice to hear different versions of Terrible Love by The National & Skinny Love by Bon Iver. I was actually waiting for the driving guitar part at the end of Terrible Love, but she actually changed it up with piano and a guitar solo. I’m gonna kick myself later for saying this but, I almost prefer her version of Skinny Love over Bon Iver’s. But it’s an almost. But Like I said consider checking this out.


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One thought on “Birdy

  1. Love Birdy – hate that people are hating on her so early in her game though :/ Bummer, people don’t recognize talent anymore

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