What I Have Been Listening To Lately

So lately I have been listening to a few bands that I think are pretty awesome. You should check them out too.

Bon Iver-Self Titled

Okay, when Justin Vernon won at the Grammy’s thousands of hipsters cried their

tiny little ironic eyes out while breaking their Bon Iver vinyl. But could you blame the panel that chose this album? This album is atmospherically beautiful as well as lyrically. Justin Vernon has a craft when it comes to songwriting. Holocene “…and once I knew, I was none magnificent.” A line that could be read a number of ways. The tracks that I really enjoyed were actually the first three, Perth, Minnesota, WI, and Holocene.

Bon Iver-For Emma, Forever Ago

This is the first album by Justin Vernon. This album is fairly different from his new

album. He locked himself in a cabin for a while and wrote this album trying to clear his head from a past relationship. The album is mainly acoustic guitar and him singing in his now know for falsetto voice. Tracks to check out are, his single, Skinny Love, Flume, Blindsided, and For Emma. But if you want my honest opinion get the entire album, you won’t regret it.

The National-High Violet

I’m gonna go on the record and say that I’m obsessed with this band and this album. I have been listening to this album non stop for the last 6 months and I haven’t gotten tired of it yet. Their is not a bad song on it. Pick it up. Let me repeat

that. PICK THIS ALBUM UP! If anything listen to Little Faith, England, or Bloodbuzz Ohio. Matt Berninger will hypnotize you with his baritone voice as brothers Aaron Dessner & Bryce Dessner create an atmospheric exploration with their guitars. Plus the drummer looks like John Lennon reincarnated.

As Cities Burn-Son, I Loved You At Your Darkness

This album is pretty old, 2004 I think. Also a completely different genre from the other stuff I have been listening to lately. Post-Hardcore, Screamo, whatever you wanna call it. However, the musical style is not why I’ve been drawn to this album. Its the lyrics mainly. The band’s songwriting is amazing. Here is an example of a few of the lyrics that I thought were pretty good.

Love Jealous One, Love

this is me at my darkest
looking down from my tower to heaven
my reputation is what I am on the scale
in the eyes of mankind
the more I get beneath me,
the higher, and more out of reach
teacher, which of us will be the greatest

we will wear compassion
we will wear it on our chests
and sing with love at our throats
like a child, it’s all I know

Father, hide our hearts in you
lest we steal them back
and lay them at the feet of men
I know now that glory has not a place
near my hands or any man

The Widow 

But I believe there is something here to be learned of grace
‘Cause I can’t help but love you
No I can’t help but love you
Even with a heart that breaks
Like the promises that you made
Like the promises that you made
The promises that you made
‘Cause I still love you
My God, what a world you love

Ascend the Hill-Take the World But Give Me Jesus & Ascend the Hill

This band is amazing. I discovered them about a year ago now if I remember correctly. However, their not your typical worship band. They bring a passion and sense of closeness to worship music, instead of just having corporate worship. They make it very personal. Take the World but Give me Jesus is actually a bunch of old hymns that they have taken and redone using their style of worship with a lot of atmospheric instrumentation. How Great Thou Art is one of the best covers of that classic that I have ever heard.  Their self titled album is also worth checking out. It has some amazing lyrics and great instrumentation. Both of these albums are worth checking out. Their offered for free through an organization called Come & Live. 

I hope you check out these albums. Their worth your time and listen.

Thanks for reading,



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One thought on “What I Have Been Listening To Lately

  1. Interesting list – I myself am a fan of Bon Iver and The National.. Never heard of As Cities burn (…).. Sounds interesting, thnx for the share!

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