Okay that’s a given considering my blog name. But anyways I love vinyl records. I’ve been collecting them since receiving a record player for Christmas my senior year of high school. I love the feel of them, the sound, and that it makes you interact with the music. You have to get up and flip the the record when one side is done. Plus the artwork is sometimes amazing and record itself can be pretty cool. I have a couple of albums where the vinyl is color and even clear. Anyways, I find it annoying when people (hipsters) collect albums just to say their different from everyone else when their walking around with their little iPod ear buds in. But anyways that enough ranting about that. (They say the only thing that hipsters hate more than conformity is other hipsters haha) Anyways, ever since I received that as a gift I have been collecting and actually built quite a collection from people giving me things, thrift stores, and record shops. Some stuff is corny, terrible and I hardly ever listen to it. Others are masterpieces in my opinion and are played over and over again. 

There is this shop that is in Florence, its actually right up the street from the campus here. It’s called Pegasus Records. It’s one of my favorite on a short list of places to go to around town. I’m always discovering new things when I visit the store. The store carries a lot of newer bands who still put things out on vinyl and tons, let me repeat that, tons of old school records.

 Soul, rock, country, and even southern gospel line their walls. If they don’t have what you are looking for they can always order if for you and have it in the store in a few days. I usually try to visit at least once a week depending on how busy I am. I haven’t been in a while because this semester has been murder on me with work. But on my trip today I found a few goodies that I was able to bring me home with. I got 4 records, Radiohead, The Black Keys, and two U2 albums.

The first album was Radiohead’s In Rainbows. Now when this album came out the band allowed fans if purchasing digitally, to pay what they wanted for the album. I didn’t purchase the album at the time. I purchased it much later digitally. However, I found this album behind a few old dusty records. I was pretty excited when I found this album. In my opinion if your looking into getting in the band I wouldn’t start with this album. I would start with The Bends (Their best work in my opinion) However, In Rainbows is still an amazing album. Thom Yorke is an amazing vocalist and he really shows through on this record. Plus one of my favorite guitarist is on this album Jonny Greenwood. Some of favorite tracks off the album are 15 Steps, Nude, Weird Fishes/Arpeggi and All I Need.

The next album that I purchased was The Black Keys Thickfreakness. Weird album title I know but this is a fantastic album. Its some of their earlier work before starting

working with Danger Mouse. It sounds like it was recorded in a garage or a basement. Also the fact that majority of the album was engineered by the band and produced by the drummer of the band made the album even more sweeter. Dan Auerbach mixes soul and blues vocals together and makes it sound amazing. Some of my favorite tracks off the album were, Set You Free, Midnight in Her Eyes, and Everywhere I Go.

The final two albums that I purchased were two U2 records. The Unforgettable Fire and New Years Day E.P. I love the band U2, Bono is a great front man and the main reason is the band has The Edge. The Edge is one of my favorite guitarist. He opened my mind and eyes to the use and the expansion of delay. My favorite album from the band is The Joshua Tree, cliche I know but it does not have a bad song on the album. Plus the song Where the Streets Have No Name is on the album, one of the best guitar driven songs of all time. 

Anyways I purchased The Unforgettable Fire, I haven’t listened to this album in a long time but it still is an amazing album. It even spurred a single that made their greatest hits album, Pride (In the Name of Love). I’m going to have to go back and rediscover it to give an honest review of the album. But I’m looking forward to hearing The Edge throughout the album. 

The other U2 album that I purchased was New Year’s Day E.P. I have never heard this album so I’m looking forward to hearing it. I got it because it had  New Year’s Day on it

 and that is one of their best songs and a really older song. I also got it because like I said I’m a huge The Edge fan. So this should be a fun listen.

I really enjoy going to Pegasus, but I’m going to miss it once I graduate and move. I really hope the next place that I live after graduation has a record store. Cause ordering off Amazon is great and all but its no comparison to going to an actual store and purchasing it.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading. Have a great day and night.



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